At marcélle esthétique beauty salon I work mainly with mineral cosmetics from the Dead Sea AHAVA

In Hebrew, the word AHAVA means "love". The Dead Sea is a magical mysterious place – the lowest point in the world. It contains more than 34% minerals, which is 10x more than other seas. The unique composition of Dead Sea water and mud has beneficial effects in the care of the skin of the whole body and in the occurrence of rheumatic and respiratory problems.

In the manufacture of AHAVA products are used exclusively natural ingredients, are dermatologically tested and are tested for allergies and suitable for sensitive skin.

AHAVA products are free of parabens, cleaning products are sulphate-free, phthalates-free, oil-free, and all packaging of AHAVA products is recyclable.

All AHAVA products include the exclusive mineral skin Osmoter™, which improves skin condition, ensures its regeneration and helps to maintain optimal moisture levels. It protects the skin against damage caused by the climate and polluted air and slows down the aging process. The result is renewed elasticity, healthier and incredibly soft skin with a youthful appearance.

cosmetically salon pezinok
ahava cosmetically salon pezinok