The most sought after and the most effective skin treatments! 

BB GLOWSKIN is the latest development by Korean dermatologists for safe and intensive treatment, bleaching and rejuvenation of facial skin, which gives the skin a subtle shine and unified skin tone thanks to BB and CC creams!
Achieve radiant, super-hydrated, rejuvenated skin, no enlarged pores, no pigment spots, with unified skin tone in only 1-4 treatments! 

This treatment offers you the immediate effect of rejuvenation and healing of your skin! No pain, no redness, no long-term healing and immediate

Effects of BB GLOW treatment:

  • Instantly moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and supposed
  • Reducing skin, wrinkle and scar unevenness
  • Reduces freckles
  • Reduction – lightening pigment spots
  • Reduction of acne stains and scars
  • Ensures even, radiant skin.
  • Visibly tone-tone after one treatment thanks to the additions of BB and CC creams
  • Reduces melanin levels in the skin before and after UV radiation

Skin is smoothed and hydrated

BB GLOW treatment is ideal for dry, sun-damaged, pigmented, uneven skin, dull skin and sensitive skin that requires intense hydration, helps restore skin at cellular level while significantly improving the appearance of your skin.